Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wind Of Change, Some Never Changes

Its Friday, a holy day and a Happy Day to digest the happenings of the past week.

When I refer to the wind of change, the change relates to UMNO leadership, the presidency wont be contested by Pak Lah, and he is transiting changes as well as possible, as soon as humanely possible, one should loud him...not condemn him. He is still the president, and he is to be respected as the President of UMNO and our Prime Minister, not an inch less..

So, Is he a bad person?is he a tyrant during his administration? is he a failure? the answer is in front of all of Malaysian if you care to read and be honest to yourself..

1.Pak Lah have tried to be transparent, he is so open that both from within and outside attacked him, he even allowed to insult him and d cabinet,

2.Allow press to print whatever they want;even to his detriment by making him look weak;in the financial world he has ensure the coffers of Bank Negara reserves more than double,

3.He did not sell out to the American of IMF whims like Anwar did, Malaysia is better off till today than Bangkok, or Jakarta or New Delhi or Bombay or Saigon, or Phom Phen or most Asian countries or the middle east.Come to Ur senses, this is reality.

4. He is trying to change judiaciary,,Anwar never did, Karpal or Lim Kit Siang only wanna change to their advantage or get the people sympathy and Nik Aziz, now will follow what ever Anwar wants.

5. Did our growth stunted like other nations?NO, under his stewardship we have more airlines, FDI keeps coming in, though slower, so is the rest of the world!We still and compare our growth to other industrialized nations, we fare better!

6. Government servants get better pay, huge increments and bonuses all the time, even pensioners benefit...all this to offset higher inflation..but is our inflation is as high and crazy as India and UAE and China, where the poor suffer most..NO.

7. Roads still building, people complain toll is exepnsive...dont use it! use Federal road, its free...than we complain, its not convenient or Jammed...we want it free and we want the luxury! Bangkok toll is more expensive! our road tax is still the cheapest and car tax and duties one of the most expensive in the world, cheaper than Singapore off course we complain..than dont buy Luxury Imported Cars..champion our own cars!Tak nak pulak, we said no quality...We cant have the cake and eat it!

8. Pak Lah still get the nation under control, Barisan MP/ADUN still dont punch each other like Pakatan, he champion peace, he is never rude..since 1974 when I was introduced to him...till today, he is the gentlest and nicest person on of his problem too!but he not rude and shouted and wailed like other leaders we see on TV, even Anwar now swears in campaign..even PAS, DAP & PAKATAN leaders, shouting and horrible words is nothing new and they kinda proud of it..Pak Lah...Never! he is a man of compassion and love, and Its the Love which in the end bring the end of his Presidency, his Prime Ministership, he sacrificed for the nation, for his race and for his love of both UMNO and Barisan.

There is more good and than bad he has maintained in Malaysia,

When a man do a thousand good, No One Remembers!

When a man do one mistake, No One Forgets!

Pak Lah after all is a man, we are all human being, exposed to faults and temptation. The Satan swears to God, till kiamat, he will ensure Adam and sons and daughters of Adam and Eve will be swayed his way, to remain his companion in the hell fire...thus in many ways and many efforts, its Satan who will wreak havoc in our heart and many others heart, to sway Us to make the wrong judgement, decisions and actions...but God says trust in him, follow the right path and make good...repent and I will reward U.

His main shortfall, his advisors failed to advise him the right thing to do, fight Blog with Blog, face reality, controlled democracy, be wary of those who make decisions and forget the little people, and having family, or friends of family getting involved or perveived to be involved in the making decisions for the parties or government in policies and tenders etc, often is futile...however noble the intention is...Manusia cuma pandai cari keburukan...not kebaikan. Past leaders in government with tainted records appointed in crucial and high post, only further alleviate BN woes and confidence, I fully agree and support, BN is not short of young leaders, while the old must be given the chance to advise and control , the young should be allowed to lead, Baik UMNO, MCA and MIC, Gerakan, PPP, PBB, LDP, and all component parties must realised this and agree to this or make a movement towards this, otherwise BN will be a relic or dinosors in the eye of young voters...

But beware! for the young,... they May Be Clever, But They Must Be Wise!

There are shortfalls by Pak Lah, BN lost the 2/3 majority...4 states felled...corruption is marketed and perceived to be higher..thanked to Pak Lah who actually wanted to expose it..Anwar hides it during his time, perceived wrong and unjustified in tenders, but when Anwar was the Finance Minister, he too practised direct nego to MRCB, Projass, many companies and friends gets it, gets free shares, Bumi shares, he too has his man of preferences and no doubt this will continue when he is in power. Its a fact he directed TNB not to hassle IPP companies and agree with the terms of agreement of PPA which is killing TNB now, and now the citizen suffers because of his direct instruction...recorded for that matter.

When one is in power, U tend to award and give the trust not based on merit 100%, but budi bicara and who you trust...and to what benefit he or she serves you and the greater this not practise by all leaders? Even RasulAllah S.A.W. have his 4 trusted friends, who in the end become the Caliph, Saidina Abu Bakar PBUH , Saidina Omar PBUH, Saidina Osman PBUH and Saidina Ali PBUH....because the prophet trusted them and believe in this wrong?

This is the legacy of all leaders, let it be Pak Lah, Tun Mahathir and other leaders, and usually, after they die, we miss, champion and remembers them,,,,we should do it when they are alive!

Reading Berita Harian today though, page 24 by Kalimulah Hassan, is the sort of reporting and views which creates more anymosity to the Malays and the Malaysian..why do the writer, an Editor, be so partisan? yet so kissing ass? Championing oneself as Loyal and as a good friend, where was he in 1987, and where was he when Pak Lah wearing Sarong in Bellamy when sidelined by Tun? One more point, why cant he respect the titled bestowed by Kind to Tun Dr Mahathir by addresing Tun as Tun Dr, will that dry the ink of NSTP? I did not recalled Kalimulah when Pak Lah is down and out, but I do recall, Liza, Pak Ya, Shagul, Rais Zainuddin, the late Tito, Pak Ya Birmingham, Pak Ak, Lela, Asmah, Pak Abu, Nordin Kardi, and many others who may not be in High Position, Chair Companies, Hold Shares or Rich like him, but this normal people is who I called the Loyal ones!A real sahabat!

Pak Lah demise in popularity is the way how he allow this kind of reporting which do not foster unity, but divisions and patronage not to party, but individuals, Is Tun an angel...NO!, did he makes mistakes? Yes, Is Tun 100% correct, No! but to label a Barisan Nasional Former Prime Minister "tidak berbuat baik kepada banyak pihak" is disgusting and shallow! It is him and his newspapers under your charge which creates anymosity by dividing the two man! No one man is the same in the vision, but you as an Editor is responsible to foster harmony...instead, you go beyond your own call to even label Tun Son's and mention Allahyarham Endon!He is truly disgusting and shallow...some people have not changed, that this views and narrow opinion should not be aired or printed as it creates dis harmony and disrespect. He should just Diam!Tun may not Buat Baik to you, but if he asked the nation, most of the citizen will have said 'Tun Buat Baik pada terlalu Banyak Pihak', what Baik have U done?

His last paragraph is the worst!He incitesshallow words and encourages others to be as dark hearted and vengeful and be a leader without a heart of Gold! This last paragrapgh alone warrant Pak Lah to sack this Editor to incite all Politicians to be not true and not Berhati Mulia!

Kalimulah must be corrected, Politics Need Man With Berhati Mulia;

Pak Lah berhati mulia, thats why our country is peaceful and you are what you are today.

Tun Mahathir is berhati mulia, that is why our country has prospered and you as well as many others benefit from it with big houses and big cars.

Tun Husin Onn berhati mulia, with the changes he intiated.

Tun Razak sungguh berhati mulia by initiating poverty irradication program and making Pak Lah secretary of Mageran for National Unity.

Tengku Abdul Rahman, dan fahaman politiknya amat Berhati Mulia, hinggakan our country can live multi racially and in reasonable harmony.

I believe the hate for Tun by Kalimulah have clouded his judgement and maybe he loves Anwar more, or always have been as he berated the shorfalls of Tun but failed to recognized his own deeds and responsibility during this general election of the the demise of Pak Lah popularity through BH and NSTP editorial. Did he realise people rather read Harian Metro, which he did not mess with? One also wonder who benefit the most in the media campaign budget during the last election and how successsul it was in making BN lost its 2/3 majority.

Its Irresponsible Editorial! For Najib's sake and this country, Islam and all Races sake, we must ignore the last paragraph of this Editorial. We must Be Noble, Be Humble & Berhati Mulia; as a politician, businessman, teacher, preacher or whatever, upheld the temptation of wealth and lies, be Noble and Mulia in the eyes of man and in the eyes of God.

To 'Berhati Mulia', you have to be a God fearing man! Fear God as we will be judge on the Judgement Day. Not a single part of our body will not be a witness for whatever we think, say or do. All will be revealed, thus for each of our action, either now or hereafter, there will be a reaction!

I hope Malaysian let it be BN or Pakatan, make some sense to the Rakyat of what they wanna achieve. I was with a doctor this morning and she was praying and wailing..."Pls tell politicians to build the nation from 8 am to 6 pm, and go ahead politicise and kill each other after 6pm please!.. and please present our country in better light rather than destructive and corruptive politics and air our dirty laundry to the world." " The press seems to have nothing else to cover but dirty linens and leaders and leaders wife seems to forget, their action reflect the leadership credibility of the husband!".."100% agreed!" says a Diplomat from overseas who was eve's dropping my leasurely chat with the doctor and convey her experiences...that story is saved for another day!

Coming back to Change, We must thanked Pak Lah for wanting to make changes, but while his advisors feel its clever, it may not all the time be wise.

On things never changed, the very advisors and writting like Kalimulah have to be corrected and fought with verocity, our politician let it be from Barisan or Pakatan must have a noble cause and fight fairly. In the absence of this humility and nobility, beware of May 13th, that can easily be stroked back! Because if one leader is not noble, if leaders are not noble, disaster will always strike, and it can strike at the same place, twice!Just like the lightning, full forced and fiery!

Im emotional today because it is interesting to see in this hard but changing times, how pakatan leaders and BN leaders reacts to change. While Anwar give no credit to Pak Lah at all naturally,and in my view, Anwar and pakatan leaders have not fulfill their pledges either..other than wanting more money from Federal Government, while condemning Federal Government... and promise changes when its not happening! I know BN is not perfect, but neither is pakatan. I can only hope and pray good comes out from all this, a more harmonious nation and a progressive nation.

Pak Lah is a good man, he is a good friend to all people and he loves the country, upheld his race and religion and what is important, he is Berhati Mulia, and for that, I thanked him as a friend and as a leader as its not easy to steward this country with many races, many religion and many napoleans! God bless him, his family, our leaders and our nation to remain calm, peaceful and in harmony.


Anak said...


Kalimullah may be rich but he got no class by writing that column today.

Anak DEB

Penyokong yang sedih said...

Terima kasih pak aziz kerana mengingatkan.

Pak Lah yang saya kenali memang orang baik, peramah dan lemah lembut. Bab hati saya tak berani kata, kerana hati itu urusan tuhan yg kita tidak boleh baca.

Penasihat begini yang menjahanamkan dia, kehidupan kita rakyat marhaen, dan negara ini. Tanggungjawab dan kuasa jatuh pada dia.

Dia kawal media utk menjadikan dia kelihatan baik dan hebat. Tapi kita tak nampak hebat. Jgn salah kita. Kita semua rakyat biasa. Kita lihat dan ukur yg dibenarkan lihat. Yg kita lihat dan disanitised pun tidak menyenangkan.

Kemajuan bukan diukur dengan bertambah airline pak aziz. Satu airline naik dgn meranapkan yg sedang tercungap2 dan masuk poket sorang yg lain.

Yang saya hairan, di mana rakan, taulan dan yang dipertanggungjawabkan untuk membetulkan keadaan? Ini saya tuntut jawapan, termasuk dari Pak Aziz.

Mungkin ini bukan kali terakhir kita akan mendapat penasihat yang sebenarnya memunahkan dan mensihatkan diri sendiri. Kita perlu lakukan sesuatu supaya tidak berulang perkara ini lagi.

Saya sayangkan umno tetapi sedih melihat setengah, kalau tidak kebanyakkan, pemimpin umno hanya sayangkan diri sendiri, anak2 dan kawan2. Byk sudah lari dari berkorban dalam perjuangan.

Mintak saya cakap. Dari kabinet yg ada dan lepas, semua ada cerita. Baik yang moden atau pun yang pakai songkok dan boleh cakap bahasa arab.

Masaalahnya, kita tak ada alternatif. Siapa yg boleh diharapkan perjuangkan bangsa dan negara ini?

Hati mulia tidak cukup. Kalau boleh digoreng hati, sedikit saja yg dapat merasa.

Akal, usaha, perbuatan, dan kesungguhan.

Anonymous said...

Dato' Aziz,
I am surprised reading your blog.. you might wonder who I am? I am anak Gunung Mesah Hulu, the one that you always mentioned in your speech when you at home, CADO Batu Gajah hee...

How's your life as a retired politician?

Although I am entitled to my opinion, but it is not permissible for me to write down to Kali's piece in NST, simple...I don't buy his unbalance views, too obvious he is spin doctoring Pklah.

Send regards to Datin.