Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bolywood Craze

11th Shawal and I am presented with the main news of Shah Rukh Khan getting a Datukship! at a time when the economies in trouble, people are hardly making ends meet, this news supposed to bring about a smile to Us?No way!

Im quite surprised by this decision by both the TYT and theCM of Melaka. What have this man bakti and gifts to Malaysia, to our society or to Melaka?Has he donated and helped the poor? trained aspiring Melaka actors or actresses, promote Melaka, Malaysia and praise Us to the world?I may be old, but I failed to comprehend this award to this man, at this time. In my opinion, there are many veterans and aspiring local actors and actresses deserved to be recognized, or singers who have won awards overseas for Malaysia, even producers like Yasmin Ahmad who won numerous awards overseas, even David Teo who produced many local Malaysian films for the good of our local industries, they are worthwhile recepient, Not Shah Rukh Khan.

This is why Malaysians are dissapointed with the leaders, why Government servants felt sidelined, no moral support whatsoever to them...why cant we give a Datukship to the longest serving driver or teacher or gardener or planter or mother of the year?

The leaders need to change the mindset and insaf, You are chosen by the people of this nation, common people...aspire them, reward them, appreciate them and most of the time they will reciprocate, not only will they choose U, they will Doa for you, your idealism and our beloved nation.

I always advise my family; ... Give, But dont expect anything back!

Give&Help with your heart and ikhlas, Never leave or forget Zakat for the poor and unfortunate.

& The Best Gift in Life, Is a good night sleep, free of any guilt.


Etch Aye said...

Mr Gopeng Boy,

You are correct, correct, correct! My sentiments exactly!

Anonymous said...

What a bloody joke this is!

A stinking scandal breaking out with this conferment of a 'Datukship' to a Bollywood actor, Shah Rukh Khan.
To add insult to injury, the Bollywood actor can't turn up to accept his 'Datukship'! What does that tell us?

Shah Rukh Khan doesn't regard this 'Datukship' that important to merit him making time to go to Melaka and accept it from the Malaccan Yang Dipertua Negeri Tun Mohd. Khalil Yaakob?

Maybe they will 'Poslaju' the award to the fellow?

What bloody contributions has this Bollywood actor contributed for the state of Melaka if not the whole going crazy nation?

It is for these kind of stupid, idiotic actions by those who have no merit or right to rule. Clueless leader.

I wonder if what they say about Melaka to be true?

They said that if you were to throw a stone at any crowd in Melaka, you might hit a 'Datuk'!

There goes the respect for any bloody Datuk in Bolehland!

There's just no merit having such titles anymore. What a bloody joke a Datukship has now descended to?

perfectwater75 said...

Salam Dato'

I'm also want the Datukship...hehehe! wHAT A 'BENGONG' decision Ali Rustam made this year..