Sunday, October 19, 2008

Freedom & Faith

To be accepted as Malaysia, we must understand why you want to be a Malaysian. Let it be Malay, Chinese or Indian. We must understand the consitution, and why it was there in the first place and you must know, in whatever religion you are, that all action has it consequences. God is All Mighty, and dont use God/Religion as your tool of hatred, but religion to guide you in the right path. Judgement Day is Promised, and you will be judged for your thoughts, your words and your action. I can sleep easily knowing I have done what ever I could for the country, and not only for my race, but for all races. Have you? even feeding a hungry dog, is a pahala.

To accuse and slag others is easy, but to give and give it from your heart is an investment in this life and hereafter. Allah promises good deeds, will be rewarded, and the foul mouth and those acted out of hatred, is only following in the footstep of 'satan' in hell.

Think before you speak or act, thus in Islam, in all actions we do we start with, "In the name if Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful". If we meant our first words, we dare not speak or act in hatred and in disrespect to our creator and our felow human.

Everyone has the right to stay and defend for his right as long as its just and fair. Malaysia is a free country, and youre free to be a Malaysian and respect its constitution, or go away. You are free to worship in whatever religion you embraced, there is no forcing to embraced and we remember God's word,
"surath 109, "In The name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful"
"O ye that reject Faith!. I worship not that which ye worship. Nor will ye worship which I worship. And I will not worship that which ye have been wont to worship. Nor will ye worship that which I worship. TO YOU BE YOUR WAY, AND TO ME MINE."

Fact of Life and reply to One of Many Comments:
Not all Malay are brokers, Off course there is Ali Baba, but in reality nowdays, many Baba Ali too!! Dont get mad or accused easily, as it leads to disaster for ourselves, our family and in the end for our nation. "Sangka Baik!", "Think Good First" of a person or situation, that what I learned from my last pilgrimaged. God will judged us all fairly and individually.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Malay Champion, Is Malaysia Champion

Did the Malays realised that despite Greakan Wanita comment; which demeans and argue our rights of our existance in our own land, Yes Malaysia is Tanah Melayu!; only leaders and Malays in UMNO actually comes out and want to protect the Malay right. Where is the Malay leader in PKR, Where is the Malay Leader in PAS, Where is the Malay leader in PRM or DAP?? dont they want to support and defend the Malay??Dont they love their own land?So, we as UMNO leaders, its up to Us to defend this land for our children and great grand children because the rest only care for themselves.

Yang Jelas, please advise all Malay with this proof, its very clear that leaders in PKR,PAS,PRM dan DAP adalah Pakatan yang akan membiarkan kehancuran Melayu, dan apabila Melayu itu tidak terbela dan hancur, Islam akan hancur di Malaysia dan Malay existance will be questioned and in the end, its rights denied! Nama Malaysia itu akan ditukar! Sanggupkah kita?!

Jadi, Be A Malay Champion Is To Be A Malaysia Champion...and since only UMNO is interested in Malay survival, my fight and course forever be will be, to become the UMNO Champion via perjuangan dan nasihat saya di MKT, InshaAllah

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Reply to Anonymous

We made the effort, with our heart, with our soul and with whatever we have. Diam diam Ubi berisi! We have progressed and now is the time to strenghten our line, learn from the past. Present leaders are learning from the past.

Malaysia is in the period of transition, a learning period, a period I feel the new and old must both contribute to build, not to destroy. Malays& Bumiputra constitutes over 60% of voters, Malays tak ke belakang, but we must come forward from the back where we are now. It would be good to unite them, and make other races understand the importance of unity and stability. Most of Malaysian do, but some dont. Its in our duty, and as Orang Lama to marry the young and old, to reach unity, peace and prosperity. Lets Move On!

Some says we are not aggresive enough to respond to change, but all prophets of God, RasullAllah Muhammad SAW, Moses, Jesus, David and all prophets, never fought or berjuang with memaki hamun, or through lies, or through demonstrations or buying votes, or working with force and encouraging hatred among their people or to force them against their will, Instead, all prophets SAW, like UMNO, work and made all efforts with such softness, patience and respect. In the end, God will help those who stays in his course, through Al Quran, through Sunnah, through moderation and being wise. The Good Will Prevail, if you make the effort sincerely. Dont Give Up! I Wont!

InsyaAllah God willing, Ill continue with the effort to serve and advise, with the blessing of the people; for our country, for our race, for our religion; as long as I remain healthy and worthy.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Perak Ku...

We are awashed with news of the 80% land premium to the new villages and the 1000 hectares allocated to Private Chinese Schools. In my opinion, it is a fair development. We are mature Perakians, who chose a new State Government and should not complain. Perakians must learn and take advantage of this unique situation.

Having a Menteri Besar from PAS, a mixed parentage and beragama Islam, I see this as an opportunity for DAP,PAS and PKR to show their real fairness now by allocating 2000 hectares of land for Private Islamic School, but obviously PAS, UMNO, PKR and Gerakan Malay must apply for it. The Indian community,MIC, Indian reps from PPP, Gerakan, PKR and PAS too must apply for at least 333 hectares of Land for their Indian Private School. This proposal is based on Malay, Chinese and Indian having an average population spread of 60%, 30% and 10% respectively.
I think its a fair and just formula. In the last election, the combined Malay Adun's are (27Bn,9Pakatan)36 in number out of 59, ie 61%, Chinese have (1BN,17Pakatan)18 Aduns out of 59, ie 30.5% and Indians Aduns have(5Pakatan) 5 out of 59, ie 8.5%.

The same case should apply for the new villages benefit, the PAS Menteri Besar must ensure that the distribution and allocation of the houses must benefit 60% Malay, 30% Chinese and 10% Indian or even Orang Asli community to be fair to the Rakyat. The profit to the DAP,PAS and PKR state government of RM 330 Million should be given back to Rakyat of Perak or be equally distributed for the Perak developement which should benefit the Rakyat, and explain how it should be spent. We should not question the motive of this government, as the previous administration had the opportunity to do so and must learn and monitor from this developement.

We should not not argue what others fought for and received, we should only ask and defend what is just and fair for each races and our respective religions based on population spread as fought by Tengku Abdul Rahman, Tun Tan Cheng Lock and Tun order to arrive at a harmonious nation. Dont take what belong to others, but defend whats fair for you. For Muslimin and Muslimat, we work towards our final goal, by doing simple but good deeds, by being united in crucial issues like above, In the name of Allah yang maha pemurah lagi pengasihani; "Berpegang Teguhlah kamu kepada Tali/Jalan Allah, dan janganlah kamu berpecah belah!" this is his word, and formula for success! and if all is united, at least on the issue of Land application of 2000 hectares for Islamic Private School and 60% of the allocation of the 80% discounted premium houses goes fairly to the assumed 60% Malay population in Perak, I say!! Its a fair deal!!

Whats next in Perak?I was advised that Perak State Government have approved sale of sand to Singapore and given the licenses to its chosen companies!Does the Perak State government realizes that by doing so, you are directly menzalimi Malays and Chinese fisherman from negeri Sembilan, Melaka and Johor?! That you are contributing to more environment disaster to Malaysia and endangering shipping lanes by allowing, encouraging and supporting Singapore wish and policy of land acquisition via reclaimation of land!Tun Mahathir ban the export of sand, so did the Indonesians Government, why than Perak State reversing this decision. If its for the State coffers, there are other ways, sell it to Selangor State Government or Kelang Valley contractors directly as the prices of sand in Selangor have increased since Tan Sri Khalid and PKR is in charge of the state. Who actually have the right to mine sand in Perak?May we Perakians apply too? ;-)

Today, Zaid Ibrahim, behaving like Kalimulah!:-(

a footnote on comments on my previous blog;

1) airlines is just an example, Not only I meant MASWings, AirAsia etc helps the poor, via cheap fares and the people benefits from it, many foreign airlines have enter into KLIA, Kuching, KKIA, Penang and Johor to open up mores sectors, provided more employment and business opoortunity as well as choices; it teaches MAS to be more efficient and competitive, Govt tried to liberate the sectors, and some benefits of course more than others. We cant be emotional about what we like and dislike, best pills are often the most bitter to swallow, if its good for the Rakyat, Im all for it! we must learn not to take things out of context nor over simplified..or we will look at things too and only narrow within our scope of set minds..

2) What did the loyalist, rakan taulan did to right the wrongs?they are still there, some very poor, some very sick, some are okay, but unfortunately either messages are not received or access are restricted...we must learn that a leader must take the effort to listen from all, not from a few, not from just the young, or just the elders, not from progressive alone nor just from conservatives, a leader must hear from all and evaluate and decide himself and avoid family and friends cloud his or her judgement

3) For those who knows me and wish me well, I thanked all of you, Im well and spending quality time, gardening, listening to others, writting and observing.. but most of all, ...

Praying for my country, my race and my nation to be peacefull, to be progressive; and its leaders; let it be from BN or DAP,PAS or PKR; to consolidate their strenght to improve the nation, not destroying our beloved nation for the interest of very few. For UMNO and PAS to defend Islam as our official religion and Malay as a race to be united for their son and daughters and their grand and great grand children to be relevant and have a nation to shelter on.

For the BN and PAS to reflect to the other races to be kind to each other and be less racial and understand that the Perjuangan for Islam and Malay is in other races own interest in pursue of peace and harmony and in direct interest of fairness and equality. We have to explain in simple language to our friends and foes of other races in BN, PKR & DAP that we Malays are still far behind, that we Muslims are not fighting to be superior than them, but hardly to be of equals to our other races in this same nation that we lived in many fields of economy, business, education and even literature, how many Malay can read Jawi?!

Malays must change its attitude by loving to destroy each other due to hatred of each others created by political diferences, and start finding common ground to help and improve each other. Its the Islam teaching, stop swearing, stop bickering, stop lying and stay united for the sake of our children and grand children.That is an old man wish and little contribution to its nation, for the race, let it be Malay, Chinese or Indians, to realized its reason how it can be obliterated in the nation you once rule, than being ruled for 400 years, and now still ruling via democracy, a democarcy which far better and peaceful than our neigbouring countries. Protect the nation by protecting your race and practising your religion teching. All religion teaches us to be good, to be fair and to be good to one another.

Bolywood Craze

11th Shawal and I am presented with the main news of Shah Rukh Khan getting a Datukship! at a time when the economies in trouble, people are hardly making ends meet, this news supposed to bring about a smile to Us?No way!

Im quite surprised by this decision by both the TYT and theCM of Melaka. What have this man bakti and gifts to Malaysia, to our society or to Melaka?Has he donated and helped the poor? trained aspiring Melaka actors or actresses, promote Melaka, Malaysia and praise Us to the world?I may be old, but I failed to comprehend this award to this man, at this time. In my opinion, there are many veterans and aspiring local actors and actresses deserved to be recognized, or singers who have won awards overseas for Malaysia, even producers like Yasmin Ahmad who won numerous awards overseas, even David Teo who produced many local Malaysian films for the good of our local industries, they are worthwhile recepient, Not Shah Rukh Khan.

This is why Malaysians are dissapointed with the leaders, why Government servants felt sidelined, no moral support whatsoever to them...why cant we give a Datukship to the longest serving driver or teacher or gardener or planter or mother of the year?

The leaders need to change the mindset and insaf, You are chosen by the people of this nation, common people...aspire them, reward them, appreciate them and most of the time they will reciprocate, not only will they choose U, they will Doa for you, your idealism and our beloved nation.

I always advise my family; ... Give, But dont expect anything back!

Give&Help with your heart and ikhlas, Never leave or forget Zakat for the poor and unfortunate.

& The Best Gift in Life, Is a good night sleep, free of any guilt.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wind Of Change, Some Never Changes

Its Friday, a holy day and a Happy Day to digest the happenings of the past week.

When I refer to the wind of change, the change relates to UMNO leadership, the presidency wont be contested by Pak Lah, and he is transiting changes as well as possible, as soon as humanely possible, one should loud him...not condemn him. He is still the president, and he is to be respected as the President of UMNO and our Prime Minister, not an inch less..

So, Is he a bad person?is he a tyrant during his administration? is he a failure? the answer is in front of all of Malaysian if you care to read and be honest to yourself..

1.Pak Lah have tried to be transparent, he is so open that both from within and outside attacked him, he even allowed to insult him and d cabinet,

2.Allow press to print whatever they want;even to his detriment by making him look weak;in the financial world he has ensure the coffers of Bank Negara reserves more than double,

3.He did not sell out to the American of IMF whims like Anwar did, Malaysia is better off till today than Bangkok, or Jakarta or New Delhi or Bombay or Saigon, or Phom Phen or most Asian countries or the middle east.Come to Ur senses, this is reality.

4. He is trying to change judiaciary,,Anwar never did, Karpal or Lim Kit Siang only wanna change to their advantage or get the people sympathy and Nik Aziz, now will follow what ever Anwar wants.

5. Did our growth stunted like other nations?NO, under his stewardship we have more airlines, FDI keeps coming in, though slower, so is the rest of the world!We still and compare our growth to other industrialized nations, we fare better!

6. Government servants get better pay, huge increments and bonuses all the time, even pensioners benefit...all this to offset higher inflation..but is our inflation is as high and crazy as India and UAE and China, where the poor suffer most..NO.

7. Roads still building, people complain toll is exepnsive...dont use it! use Federal road, its free...than we complain, its not convenient or Jammed...we want it free and we want the luxury! Bangkok toll is more expensive! our road tax is still the cheapest and car tax and duties one of the most expensive in the world, cheaper than Singapore off course we complain..than dont buy Luxury Imported Cars..champion our own cars!Tak nak pulak, we said no quality...We cant have the cake and eat it!

8. Pak Lah still get the nation under control, Barisan MP/ADUN still dont punch each other like Pakatan, he champion peace, he is never rude..since 1974 when I was introduced to him...till today, he is the gentlest and nicest person on of his problem too!but he not rude and shouted and wailed like other leaders we see on TV, even Anwar now swears in campaign..even PAS, DAP & PAKATAN leaders, shouting and horrible words is nothing new and they kinda proud of it..Pak Lah...Never! he is a man of compassion and love, and Its the Love which in the end bring the end of his Presidency, his Prime Ministership, he sacrificed for the nation, for his race and for his love of both UMNO and Barisan.

There is more good and than bad he has maintained in Malaysia,

When a man do a thousand good, No One Remembers!

When a man do one mistake, No One Forgets!

Pak Lah after all is a man, we are all human being, exposed to faults and temptation. The Satan swears to God, till kiamat, he will ensure Adam and sons and daughters of Adam and Eve will be swayed his way, to remain his companion in the hell fire...thus in many ways and many efforts, its Satan who will wreak havoc in our heart and many others heart, to sway Us to make the wrong judgement, decisions and actions...but God says trust in him, follow the right path and make good...repent and I will reward U.

His main shortfall, his advisors failed to advise him the right thing to do, fight Blog with Blog, face reality, controlled democracy, be wary of those who make decisions and forget the little people, and having family, or friends of family getting involved or perveived to be involved in the making decisions for the parties or government in policies and tenders etc, often is futile...however noble the intention is...Manusia cuma pandai cari keburukan...not kebaikan. Past leaders in government with tainted records appointed in crucial and high post, only further alleviate BN woes and confidence, I fully agree and support, BN is not short of young leaders, while the old must be given the chance to advise and control , the young should be allowed to lead, Baik UMNO, MCA and MIC, Gerakan, PPP, PBB, LDP, and all component parties must realised this and agree to this or make a movement towards this, otherwise BN will be a relic or dinosors in the eye of young voters...

But beware! for the young,... they May Be Clever, But They Must Be Wise!

There are shortfalls by Pak Lah, BN lost the 2/3 majority...4 states felled...corruption is marketed and perceived to be higher..thanked to Pak Lah who actually wanted to expose it..Anwar hides it during his time, perceived wrong and unjustified in tenders, but when Anwar was the Finance Minister, he too practised direct nego to MRCB, Projass, many companies and friends gets it, gets free shares, Bumi shares, he too has his man of preferences and no doubt this will continue when he is in power. Its a fact he directed TNB not to hassle IPP companies and agree with the terms of agreement of PPA which is killing TNB now, and now the citizen suffers because of his direct instruction...recorded for that matter.

When one is in power, U tend to award and give the trust not based on merit 100%, but budi bicara and who you trust...and to what benefit he or she serves you and the greater this not practise by all leaders? Even RasulAllah S.A.W. have his 4 trusted friends, who in the end become the Caliph, Saidina Abu Bakar PBUH , Saidina Omar PBUH, Saidina Osman PBUH and Saidina Ali PBUH....because the prophet trusted them and believe in this wrong?

This is the legacy of all leaders, let it be Pak Lah, Tun Mahathir and other leaders, and usually, after they die, we miss, champion and remembers them,,,,we should do it when they are alive!

Reading Berita Harian today though, page 24 by Kalimulah Hassan, is the sort of reporting and views which creates more anymosity to the Malays and the Malaysian..why do the writer, an Editor, be so partisan? yet so kissing ass? Championing oneself as Loyal and as a good friend, where was he in 1987, and where was he when Pak Lah wearing Sarong in Bellamy when sidelined by Tun? One more point, why cant he respect the titled bestowed by Kind to Tun Dr Mahathir by addresing Tun as Tun Dr, will that dry the ink of NSTP? I did not recalled Kalimulah when Pak Lah is down and out, but I do recall, Liza, Pak Ya, Shagul, Rais Zainuddin, the late Tito, Pak Ya Birmingham, Pak Ak, Lela, Asmah, Pak Abu, Nordin Kardi, and many others who may not be in High Position, Chair Companies, Hold Shares or Rich like him, but this normal people is who I called the Loyal ones!A real sahabat!

Pak Lah demise in popularity is the way how he allow this kind of reporting which do not foster unity, but divisions and patronage not to party, but individuals, Is Tun an angel...NO!, did he makes mistakes? Yes, Is Tun 100% correct, No! but to label a Barisan Nasional Former Prime Minister "tidak berbuat baik kepada banyak pihak" is disgusting and shallow! It is him and his newspapers under your charge which creates anymosity by dividing the two man! No one man is the same in the vision, but you as an Editor is responsible to foster harmony...instead, you go beyond your own call to even label Tun Son's and mention Allahyarham Endon!He is truly disgusting and shallow...some people have not changed, that this views and narrow opinion should not be aired or printed as it creates dis harmony and disrespect. He should just Diam!Tun may not Buat Baik to you, but if he asked the nation, most of the citizen will have said 'Tun Buat Baik pada terlalu Banyak Pihak', what Baik have U done?

His last paragraph is the worst!He incitesshallow words and encourages others to be as dark hearted and vengeful and be a leader without a heart of Gold! This last paragrapgh alone warrant Pak Lah to sack this Editor to incite all Politicians to be not true and not Berhati Mulia!

Kalimulah must be corrected, Politics Need Man With Berhati Mulia;

Pak Lah berhati mulia, thats why our country is peaceful and you are what you are today.

Tun Mahathir is berhati mulia, that is why our country has prospered and you as well as many others benefit from it with big houses and big cars.

Tun Husin Onn berhati mulia, with the changes he intiated.

Tun Razak sungguh berhati mulia by initiating poverty irradication program and making Pak Lah secretary of Mageran for National Unity.

Tengku Abdul Rahman, dan fahaman politiknya amat Berhati Mulia, hinggakan our country can live multi racially and in reasonable harmony.

I believe the hate for Tun by Kalimulah have clouded his judgement and maybe he loves Anwar more, or always have been as he berated the shorfalls of Tun but failed to recognized his own deeds and responsibility during this general election of the the demise of Pak Lah popularity through BH and NSTP editorial. Did he realise people rather read Harian Metro, which he did not mess with? One also wonder who benefit the most in the media campaign budget during the last election and how successsul it was in making BN lost its 2/3 majority.

Its Irresponsible Editorial! For Najib's sake and this country, Islam and all Races sake, we must ignore the last paragraph of this Editorial. We must Be Noble, Be Humble & Berhati Mulia; as a politician, businessman, teacher, preacher or whatever, upheld the temptation of wealth and lies, be Noble and Mulia in the eyes of man and in the eyes of God.

To 'Berhati Mulia', you have to be a God fearing man! Fear God as we will be judge on the Judgement Day. Not a single part of our body will not be a witness for whatever we think, say or do. All will be revealed, thus for each of our action, either now or hereafter, there will be a reaction!

I hope Malaysian let it be BN or Pakatan, make some sense to the Rakyat of what they wanna achieve. I was with a doctor this morning and she was praying and wailing..."Pls tell politicians to build the nation from 8 am to 6 pm, and go ahead politicise and kill each other after 6pm please!.. and please present our country in better light rather than destructive and corruptive politics and air our dirty laundry to the world." " The press seems to have nothing else to cover but dirty linens and leaders and leaders wife seems to forget, their action reflect the leadership credibility of the husband!".."100% agreed!" says a Diplomat from overseas who was eve's dropping my leasurely chat with the doctor and convey her experiences...that story is saved for another day!

Coming back to Change, We must thanked Pak Lah for wanting to make changes, but while his advisors feel its clever, it may not all the time be wise.

On things never changed, the very advisors and writting like Kalimulah have to be corrected and fought with verocity, our politician let it be from Barisan or Pakatan must have a noble cause and fight fairly. In the absence of this humility and nobility, beware of May 13th, that can easily be stroked back! Because if one leader is not noble, if leaders are not noble, disaster will always strike, and it can strike at the same place, twice!Just like the lightning, full forced and fiery!

Im emotional today because it is interesting to see in this hard but changing times, how pakatan leaders and BN leaders reacts to change. While Anwar give no credit to Pak Lah at all naturally,and in my view, Anwar and pakatan leaders have not fulfill their pledges either..other than wanting more money from Federal Government, while condemning Federal Government... and promise changes when its not happening! I know BN is not perfect, but neither is pakatan. I can only hope and pray good comes out from all this, a more harmonious nation and a progressive nation.

Pak Lah is a good man, he is a good friend to all people and he loves the country, upheld his race and religion and what is important, he is Berhati Mulia, and for that, I thanked him as a friend and as a leader as its not easy to steward this country with many races, many religion and many napoleans! God bless him, his family, our leaders and our nation to remain calm, peaceful and in harmony.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2

To My horror, after typing for 2 hours, whatever typed was gone! how amaturish of me, well its only my second time, now the third!

I write today with happiness and sadness, happiness because on Sunday I was in Tun house with 20,000 or more , and the spirit of Malaysia is well and kicking. No hint of racism, no hint of hate which Hindraf shows, everyone wishes everyone well!everyone gets duit Raya!Malaysia misses its leader, misses Tun because he is the Prime Minister in good and bad times. when he was in charged, Malaysian Business man is proud to be called Malaysian, politicians being hailed!now...other politicians go out of the way to ridicule and destroy Malaysian image so they get sympathy..and possibly money?assistance?god knows..but not to the benefit of Malaysian, but to him or herself.

Malaysia misses a good leader, a leader which is in control, and we missed the good time partlty because our own media do not reflect a good feel or a expand on the good things in Malaysia and remind other sufferings in other nations and how fortunate we are. The Media failed to balanced between killing its own politicians and government servants with sad and horrific stories of Malaysia forgeting the reality of hardship in Indonesia, Thailand, African, South American and European countries! our Media failed to educate Malaysian to be grateful and Shukor!..people revolt for what they read and believe, just like President Chaves of Venuezuela was thrown out in 2002 and a coup followed purely by media lasted briefly but Government have not learned the power of media and how to harness it and its importance in the stability of the country!freedom do not mean its the truth, freedom sometimes kills, freedom in borrowing money in d supposedly untouchables US financial market have created bankruptcies and hardship to normal people!

In Hindraf case, one man says Selamat Hari Raya, 99 others hurled abuses and demand in the very holy day!disgusting and disrespectful.yet alot of Malaysian praised it and fight for it, even PAS of all people...not only defendiing Islam but defending Hindraf now. Where were PAS when Al Arqam was in ISA?Where was Theresa Kok or Zaid Ibrahim or Tian Chua?Is ISA only belongs to radical moslems or religious writter?Who is now racist and who is right?ISA should be used for anything and anyone is racist or radical behaviour and action, because it ensures the majority of us in Malaysia is safe and at peace. Ok, we can abolish ISA, name it something else, but we need our own national security interest above any others or personal interest. Others in power may abolish ISA but instead Guantanamo Malaysia edition and put in place the people they want at their won whims! The Hindraf leaders as was Al Arqam, they are deviant, wrong and radical. Difference between the Hindraf leaders and Al Arqam leaders is that, Islam prohibits kurang ajar, disrespectful behaviour and violence...all of which Hindraf is championing and Islam prohibits the use of children as Hindraf did; to do a mans job!to put them in harms way! Why didnt Theresa Kok, Zaid Ibrahim and Tian Chua and others defended Al Arqam Leaders then?Why the double standard? think about it..Muslims, please Insaf and learns from the past!

I am all but a retired man, but my observation is that a change will come, and we pray to Allah change in good ways. My son came from Hari Raya with a staunch PAS untie and uncle from Section 11, they are cordial, they hug and love each other, yet they remind each other, Malays and Moslems are being split and not by two, but by 4...UMNO Malay, PAS Malay, PKR Malay and 'I dont Care Malay'. We are so split up, 3 out of the 4 Malay even questioned our own right and we championed the cause of the non Malay and non Moslem, we support them with full heart, Malays are now ruled by others and we are okay about it, for the sake of change.I ask her why now agree to work under the rule of non muslim and follow their move, issue more liquor license and prostitution houses, illegal dvd which was funded by drugs trade, why not oppose like last time...Oh, prior to this I fight for politics, Ill be reponsible, Now Im NGO, Im not responsible, Ill Dakwah, and Allah will prevail!off course Allah prevails! but he also have the right to obliterate Us for our foul deeds as he did with Noah and Lut non followers! Asked about the complain of Azan, she commented this complain came even during the past administration, she than complained, the sound of Dogs barking from his neighbours house can be 24 why was not this voiced out?

Is it wrong for non Malay to fight fopr what they want, 100% not, they R right for fighting for their right, they already have over 84% of Malaysian wealth, why not gain more?it is not wrong to seek your own rezeki and Allah promise that if you make the effort, he will give. Malays, we have 16% only of Malaysian wealth and economic power, why not give away more by staying still and bicker among each other. They have more students overseas because they can afford it, and we must now give them more seats in universities and mrsm, d place the Malays can afford it, to appease other parties and other races.

On Land, Perak will start temdering for land, I wonder if there is any Bumi Quota?like it was introduce in Kedah 50% quaota, until Businessman cant function...its not logical coz Malay only have 16% wealth, thus keeping the 30% quota while its not perfect, but its acceptable, as the Government only wanna promote equality of wealth, after 6 months, if not sold, its still saleable in the market!its, tender of land in Perak, if there is no quota, in the end, the fittest and strongest survives, and its not the Malay with only 16% wealth, its the Malaysian or Non Malaysian who will survive and get the land with the Highest Tender, soon the Malay will loose the Tanah too!Tahniah!

Whats happening in d future?will Anwar Succeeed, Will Najib ever get to become Prime Minister?the power is in Allah Al Mighty! Malaysia is a good democracy, despite the win by BN of 60 over majority seats in parliament, its still a huge majority as compared to the so called champion of democracy, United Stated Of America, the presidents wins by the final vote of Florida! a 50,000 majority, so small as compared to population of 200,000,000. We in Malaysia, politicians is enticed with Money and power to hop and vote!Im so happy Malaysian in general though is not!Malaysian vote, for good or bad, Barisan Nasional...if Pakatan felt the people wants change, once politician hops, declare another General Election so people will speak up! So the real people Vote! Have the balls to do it! Call for General Election once Pakatan in power to prove the people is behind U, be a gentleman and a god sport.

So what if the politicians hop!it will be a never ending hopping exercise I guess! Someone with enough money can entice the whole MP's to be bought over by him, say 50M per head x 200 MP's is only RM 10Billion, Warren Buffet afford that!he can run Malaysia and annoint his own Prime Minister...the Month after, Abrovhmovic or something, the Chelsea Owner is in Play, offer 60M and at the RM 12 Billion, less that 2 Billion Pounds, he can own Malaysia! interesting thought huh! This can be the fate of Malaysian politics, can be bought and sold!

Once Pakatan or Warren Buffet or Chealsa owner controlled what would happen?My thoughts are If Anwar have to appease everyone, now that PKR have more seats than PAS, DAP too cant demand much..but he may offer Malaysia to be a Republic, shun the monarchy, Anwar be the president and another component party be the prime minister, Lim Guan Eng or dad. PAS, minister in the Prime Minister, Hal Ehwal Islam, and Kamarudin Jaafar surely be appointed the Minister Of Finance. Thats is as far as I go, Theresa Kok, for her missionery flavor and fighting spirit may be the next Rafidah.

Will Islam be the national religion, I dont think so, as PKR wants to be fair to all races and all religion and wanna be fair to Bar council and Sisters in Islam and All NGO's, a result we may see the developement of Islam is for Islam, Under PAS..Hudud will then never be a reality...its a distance dream, instead in Republic, there is no official religion, religion is free for All! Anyone is free to convert or be converted, thus good luck with the religion who only have 16% of economic power base. Gay marriages should be allowed too, its a democracy, alas we need more education into prevention of Aids.

I just wanna wish All Malaysian, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin to all!