Monday, October 6, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2

To My horror, after typing for 2 hours, whatever typed was gone! how amaturish of me, well its only my second time, now the third!

I write today with happiness and sadness, happiness because on Sunday I was in Tun house with 20,000 or more , and the spirit of Malaysia is well and kicking. No hint of racism, no hint of hate which Hindraf shows, everyone wishes everyone well!everyone gets duit Raya!Malaysia misses its leader, misses Tun because he is the Prime Minister in good and bad times. when he was in charged, Malaysian Business man is proud to be called Malaysian, politicians being hailed!now...other politicians go out of the way to ridicule and destroy Malaysian image so they get sympathy..and possibly money?assistance?god knows..but not to the benefit of Malaysian, but to him or herself.

Malaysia misses a good leader, a leader which is in control, and we missed the good time partlty because our own media do not reflect a good feel or a expand on the good things in Malaysia and remind other sufferings in other nations and how fortunate we are. The Media failed to balanced between killing its own politicians and government servants with sad and horrific stories of Malaysia forgeting the reality of hardship in Indonesia, Thailand, African, South American and European countries! our Media failed to educate Malaysian to be grateful and Shukor!..people revolt for what they read and believe, just like President Chaves of Venuezuela was thrown out in 2002 and a coup followed purely by media lasted briefly but Government have not learned the power of media and how to harness it and its importance in the stability of the country!freedom do not mean its the truth, freedom sometimes kills, freedom in borrowing money in d supposedly untouchables US financial market have created bankruptcies and hardship to normal people!

In Hindraf case, one man says Selamat Hari Raya, 99 others hurled abuses and demand in the very holy day!disgusting and disrespectful.yet alot of Malaysian praised it and fight for it, even PAS of all people...not only defendiing Islam but defending Hindraf now. Where were PAS when Al Arqam was in ISA?Where was Theresa Kok or Zaid Ibrahim or Tian Chua?Is ISA only belongs to radical moslems or religious writter?Who is now racist and who is right?ISA should be used for anything and anyone is racist or radical behaviour and action, because it ensures the majority of us in Malaysia is safe and at peace. Ok, we can abolish ISA, name it something else, but we need our own national security interest above any others or personal interest. Others in power may abolish ISA but instead Guantanamo Malaysia edition and put in place the people they want at their won whims! The Hindraf leaders as was Al Arqam, they are deviant, wrong and radical. Difference between the Hindraf leaders and Al Arqam leaders is that, Islam prohibits kurang ajar, disrespectful behaviour and violence...all of which Hindraf is championing and Islam prohibits the use of children as Hindraf did; to do a mans job!to put them in harms way! Why didnt Theresa Kok, Zaid Ibrahim and Tian Chua and others defended Al Arqam Leaders then?Why the double standard? think about it..Muslims, please Insaf and learns from the past!

I am all but a retired man, but my observation is that a change will come, and we pray to Allah change in good ways. My son came from Hari Raya with a staunch PAS untie and uncle from Section 11, they are cordial, they hug and love each other, yet they remind each other, Malays and Moslems are being split and not by two, but by 4...UMNO Malay, PAS Malay, PKR Malay and 'I dont Care Malay'. We are so split up, 3 out of the 4 Malay even questioned our own right and we championed the cause of the non Malay and non Moslem, we support them with full heart, Malays are now ruled by others and we are okay about it, for the sake of change.I ask her why now agree to work under the rule of non muslim and follow their move, issue more liquor license and prostitution houses, illegal dvd which was funded by drugs trade, why not oppose like last time...Oh, prior to this I fight for politics, Ill be reponsible, Now Im NGO, Im not responsible, Ill Dakwah, and Allah will prevail!off course Allah prevails! but he also have the right to obliterate Us for our foul deeds as he did with Noah and Lut non followers! Asked about the complain of Azan, she commented this complain came even during the past administration, she than complained, the sound of Dogs barking from his neighbours house can be 24 why was not this voiced out?

Is it wrong for non Malay to fight fopr what they want, 100% not, they R right for fighting for their right, they already have over 84% of Malaysian wealth, why not gain more?it is not wrong to seek your own rezeki and Allah promise that if you make the effort, he will give. Malays, we have 16% only of Malaysian wealth and economic power, why not give away more by staying still and bicker among each other. They have more students overseas because they can afford it, and we must now give them more seats in universities and mrsm, d place the Malays can afford it, to appease other parties and other races.

On Land, Perak will start temdering for land, I wonder if there is any Bumi Quota?like it was introduce in Kedah 50% quaota, until Businessman cant function...its not logical coz Malay only have 16% wealth, thus keeping the 30% quota while its not perfect, but its acceptable, as the Government only wanna promote equality of wealth, after 6 months, if not sold, its still saleable in the market!its, tender of land in Perak, if there is no quota, in the end, the fittest and strongest survives, and its not the Malay with only 16% wealth, its the Malaysian or Non Malaysian who will survive and get the land with the Highest Tender, soon the Malay will loose the Tanah too!Tahniah!

Whats happening in d future?will Anwar Succeeed, Will Najib ever get to become Prime Minister?the power is in Allah Al Mighty! Malaysia is a good democracy, despite the win by BN of 60 over majority seats in parliament, its still a huge majority as compared to the so called champion of democracy, United Stated Of America, the presidents wins by the final vote of Florida! a 50,000 majority, so small as compared to population of 200,000,000. We in Malaysia, politicians is enticed with Money and power to hop and vote!Im so happy Malaysian in general though is not!Malaysian vote, for good or bad, Barisan Nasional...if Pakatan felt the people wants change, once politician hops, declare another General Election so people will speak up! So the real people Vote! Have the balls to do it! Call for General Election once Pakatan in power to prove the people is behind U, be a gentleman and a god sport.

So what if the politicians hop!it will be a never ending hopping exercise I guess! Someone with enough money can entice the whole MP's to be bought over by him, say 50M per head x 200 MP's is only RM 10Billion, Warren Buffet afford that!he can run Malaysia and annoint his own Prime Minister...the Month after, Abrovhmovic or something, the Chelsea Owner is in Play, offer 60M and at the RM 12 Billion, less that 2 Billion Pounds, he can own Malaysia! interesting thought huh! This can be the fate of Malaysian politics, can be bought and sold!

Once Pakatan or Warren Buffet or Chealsa owner controlled what would happen?My thoughts are If Anwar have to appease everyone, now that PKR have more seats than PAS, DAP too cant demand much..but he may offer Malaysia to be a Republic, shun the monarchy, Anwar be the president and another component party be the prime minister, Lim Guan Eng or dad. PAS, minister in the Prime Minister, Hal Ehwal Islam, and Kamarudin Jaafar surely be appointed the Minister Of Finance. Thats is as far as I go, Theresa Kok, for her missionery flavor and fighting spirit may be the next Rafidah.

Will Islam be the national religion, I dont think so, as PKR wants to be fair to all races and all religion and wanna be fair to Bar council and Sisters in Islam and All NGO's, a result we may see the developement of Islam is for Islam, Under PAS..Hudud will then never be a reality...its a distance dream, instead in Republic, there is no official religion, religion is free for All! Anyone is free to convert or be converted, thus good luck with the religion who only have 16% of economic power base. Gay marriages should be allowed too, its a democracy, alas we need more education into prevention of Aids.

I just wanna wish All Malaysian, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin to all!


Anonymous said...

Only rais yatim and you came in the morning. JJ came in the afternoon. No other ministers.

I know who you are. We had a short chat after buka puasa in ramadan.

Welcome to blogging Pak Aziz!

bakaq a.k.a. ~penarik beca said...

Assalamu'alaikum wr wb

saya dah link blog ni kat (kira macam aggregator la kot)

Happy blogging and surely you will not end up in police lockup like me, for whatever reason.

Welcome to the fraternity of bloggers, Sir.

Maybe you're consumed with anger at the sight of PAS supporter like me, tu perkara biasa.

After all, some crooked mind say, hate is the most powerful emotion in politics.

i wish i can prove them wrong!

Price said...

It is okay not to reveal the true you.

Let everyone assume. After all, life is full of guessing. The main objective of this blog is to express your views. Most commentators also do not reveal their names, too.

Never the less, pertaining your view that people can be bought, I think there is a PRICE to everything.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pak Aziz,
Congrats for being in space now. Hopefully by journeying in heaven, we get to see and heard the real Gopeng boy. On the subject of 'pemimpin', Dollah as a pemimpin should know the hatred and uneasiness broiling up at the grassroot level and if he still doesnt, he shouldnt be the leader. Because of his ignorance or inability that we have all this troubles.

Tokapi said...

Tok Aziz,

Selamat datang ke dunia blogging.. bila dengor Gopeng, sy teringat kawan saya, org Gopeng, pendi namanya... org Sungai Itek!

Selamat berjurnal!

Juruterer Malaya said...


Gopeng Boy.
We came from the same root.
My late father was from Sg. Itek. His name is Azmi Nasir.
As i share the same views with you.Do not hesitate to visit me at

Selamat Hari Raya

ketam said...

Fight for our right.. fight till the end.. who are they to asked more than been given..and i pray to ALLAH may ISLAM be strong in Malaysia..

Sekorup korup UMNO..UMNO masih mempertahankan AGAMA ISLAM.. Sesuci-suci ANWAR IBRAHIM..dia telah mengadaikan maruah agama.. seteguhteguh PAS akhirnya rebah dikaki Lim Kit Siang,Karpal dan Anwar.

Anonymous said...

Ada satu joke berbunyi macam ini:

Orang muda buat selalu tapi sekejap2. Orang lama pula sekali sekala, tapi lamaaa ...

Saya tak tahu gopeng boy orng lama atau muda, tapi dalam blogging kita kena ikut style ornag muda.

Selalu selalu dan pendik saja. Tak payah panjang2. Headline kena best

Zul Arif said...
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